At Dreamotion
  1. Digital Design Studio
    Digital Design Studio
    Dreamotion is a world class expert in Computer Aided Design, including Class 'A' Surfacing, Solid Modeling, Graphic Design, High Resolution Renderings, Animation and Videos.
  2. Product Engineering
    Product Engineering
    Dreamotion offers Product Engineering expertise in Design For Manufacturing & Tooling, Studio Engineering, Packaging & Sections, GD&T, Homologation & Global Certification, Computer Aided Engineering, Color & Materials, Testing & more. Dreamotion offers the highest level of expertise within the Automotive Interior & Exterior environments.
  3. Branding & Marketing
    Branding & Marketing
    Dreamotion is an excellent resource for professionally, economically & efficiently branding businesses and products and can create or utilize existing assets to grow your marketing library.
  4. Project Planning & Management
    Project Planning & Management
    Dreamotion's vast experience & expertise planning & managing simultaneous multiple projects is complimented by live access to project timing, issues lists & resources.
  5. Website, App. & Logo Design
    Website, App. & Logo Design
    Dreamotion are experts in a variety of website graphic design tools, including Adobe Suite products, and have designed a wide range of websites, app's & logos.

Product Design

•  CAD (Computer Aided Design)
•  Clay Modeling & Scanning
•  HR Renderings & Animations
•  Color & Materials
•  Perceived Quality

Sales & Marketing

Product Engineering

•  Website, App., & Logo Design
•  Economical & Efficient Marketing
•  Branding & Business Set-up
•  Multi-media (Film, Print, etc)
•  Aftersales & Sales Applications

•  CAE (Computer Aided Eng.)
•  Studio Engineering
•  DFM (Design For Manufacturing)
•  Critieria Development
•  Packaging, Sections & GD&T
•  Homologation & Global Cert.

Project Management

•  Single & Multi Project Timing
•  Issue Tracking & Resolution
•  Budget Analysis & Management
•  Process Authoring
•  Quality Control

  1. OC Building Service
    OC Building Service
    Website Design Logo Design Branding Process Analysis & Improvement Project Management
  2.  Confidential Client
    Confidential Client
    Automotive Process Automotive Complete Org. Chart Automotive Program Management Automotive Computer Aided Design
  3.  Fisker Automotive (now Karma Automotive)
    Fisker Automotive (now Karma Automotive)
    Interior & Exterior Prod. Development Digital Design & Studio Engineering Multi-Program Management Global After-sales & Logistics Global Operations
  4.  Mercedes-Benz
    Automotive CAD Automotive Program Managment
  5.  Eight Ball Winery
    Eight Ball Winery
    Logo Design Operations Business Plan Development Branding Website Design (2016)
  6.  Little Nippers
    Little Nippers
    Logo Design Product Design (Clothing Designs) Branding Website Design (2016)
  7.  Explore Yoga
    Explore Yoga
    Logo Design Package